Using Color Checker profiles

Thank you all, for your replies. I’ll look into them. I am at the end of period with broken leg, but out of the boot soon so can do something with my cameras, make profile and try out all the good advice. Thank you everybody!

Hi thanks for this. Should I make a profile for each shoot/set up? Obviously lighting conditions are always different, inside/outside, lighting etc etc. That’s something I was anticipating. I’m thinking that’s what I should do and could work with what you suggest.

I’m thinking I should do this with each camera set up, each time i do a serious shoot. Am I over complicating things?

Yes and no. Here’s why: If you mostly shoot in natural light, one profile should suffice. If you shoot under difficult light (cheap household LED lamps, mixed daylight/tungsten/fluorescent etc.) you might want to have a colour checker shot per session or lighting setup.

You can also ask yourself if you need close to perfect colour accuracy or if you want to get the colours you like. If you’re into reproductions, you’d probably want to get grips at lighting first and then take colour checker shots for verification if your lights are okay and for profiling.