Upoint menu on PC

Does anybody know why there is no menu in the bottom of the screen on a PC, when working with Upoints and lines?
When I follow instruction videos on Youtube, I can see people working on Macs have a menu, where they can choose to show the mask, make an invert mask etc.
On a PC you cant do that, which makes Upoint and line almost useless :frowning:

I hope its a bug, that will be fixed very soon…

Karsten Neve Petersen

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The lack of information in the lower section of the Windows version is not a bug…DXO probably sees this as a feature. :smiley:

We have been discussing this for a long time under the topic “Differences between MAC and Windows”, but not much happens. There is a keyboard shortcut for displaying the mask, I think it was M, but since I always switch between MAC and Windows and the keyboard shortcuts are not always identical, you either have to try it or use the help function to find the keyboard shortcut.
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As Guenter has indicated there are a number of differences between the Mac and PC version of PhotoLab. This is just one of them. Hopefully, as promised by DxO, at least some of these differences will be eliminated in a reasonable timeframe. However, it is not clear which differences will be addressed first nor when that will occur…


Hello Mark,

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I can’t tell you how long we have been talking about this and what suggestions we have made to channel this. So far there is neither a table with the differences nor any statements on how, why and when something happens. Since I haven’t signed up for the EA either, I can’t say if THE TOPIC is being discussed there. But they always say…hope dies last.

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Keyboard shortcuts can be found at the very end of the user’s manual.

see → Tool bar for 'Local Adjustment' not there - #13 by Wolfgang

Hello @FrEaK_DK and welcome to the forum!

As guys already explained, it’s not a bug. On Windows you can use “M” shortcut to enable/disable the mask.

Svetlana G.

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Also, if you open the Local Adjustments panel instead of using the top button, you will see the other adjustments(copy, invert, etc.).

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Thank you for your kind thoughts. I wish you the best as well. I’m hoping some of these differences between the two platforms will be addressed soon, but your guess on this is as good as mine.

Unfortunately the differences between the Mac and Windows versions continue to grow. Windows users are still waiting for the ability to save edit history across sessions which has been available for the Mac version since advanced history was implemented. Additionally, even though it was not documented, @Joanna reported after PL5 was released, that the Mac version included support for uniquely renaming virtual copies, a feature that never made it to the Windows version. So, as you can see, it will take a fairly large effort to establish parity between the two versions.


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Thank You everybody for response.

I allready know the ‘M’ shortcut, and thats a start. But How do I make an invert mask, and how do I pick the color for the mask to aim for?

I certainly hope DxO will make the Mac and Windows-versions equal.

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Good morning!

Everything is in the palette:

  • You’ve got shortcuts for these manipulations as well and here is the hint (Help men can be enabled/disabled within the main menu of tools selection or with ‘H’ shortcut):

Svetlana G.

Thank You Svetlana
Is it possible to make a mask using Uline, and then remote some of it by drawing with an inverted mask?
The invert mask icon just inverts the whole mask.
I have seen a Mac-user doing this on Youtube.

Thank You.


Dear Karsten,

don’t know if I understand it correctly , but you can try to set a control point first, and then set a new local adjustment with the brush tool.
Please take also a look at Tutorials - TuTo DxO and here Starting Local Adjustments - TuTo DxO that will help you flatten the learning curve :sweat_smile:

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