Upgrade pricing

Because PL doesn’t support the camera I use most - see the very long wait for the promised support of various phone cameras, despite the promises of DxO staff that it will come ‘soon’ - I haven’t upgraded PL beyond PL4 Elite. It supports the DSLR and (most of) the lenses I use.

That means that to get PL7 Elite, they expect me to pay the full price.

I did get PL5 with Nik. That gets me a discount, but DxO want our money without supporting the cameras most people use most often, they need to charge us less not more.

(I still hold the hope that many various makers of Adobe alternatives merge. Each is really, really, ‘better than Adobe’ good at some bit of the photo editing process, but different bits of it.)


I find your logic flawed. There have been very many significant features introduced since PL4. That is what they want your money for. If you decided not to upgrade because of the lack of one camera model, that’s not on DxO to keep you happy.

Had you upgraded to PL6 and then next year to PL8 (assuming PL7 still doesn’t support your camera) then you’d pay about the same as the full price, plus have all the PL6 features for 2 years.