Unexpected behaviour of the PL4 HSL colour picker

Win 10 v1909, PL4.01 Elite (Trial)

Having played around with the colour picker tool in the middle of the HSL wheel I then turned off HSL corrections via the slider on the HSL pallet title. However, doing that did NOT turn off / disable the colour picker tool in the main window. I expected it would.

I expected that slider to be like a master switch and disable HSL completely but it’s not. If you have used the colour picker you have to turn that off separately. Is this by deliberate design or is it an oversight?


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Good question. I’m guessing a design decision, since you can also freely enable/disable the color picker while the HSL palette toolset is switched off. Using the color picker on the image then turns HSL on and performs the usual action on the appropriate color channel. There is a precedent for nested tools to behave this way: for example, the relationship between the crop tool image overlay and the crop palette on/off switch.


Good morning,

Well, this behavior is actual for all the tools - you can try Crop, WB, Horizon etc This is the design decision + enabling/disabling the palette while the tool is opened allows you to compare and modify the correction without additional clicks to switch on/off the tool.

Svetlana G.