Unable to open iPhone 13 photos on Mac with PhotoLab 5

Hi, I’ve searched the forum and can only find responses to earlier versions of Photolab and MacOS.

I have Photolab 5 and MacOS 12.3.1.

I previously edited photos in Photolab directly from the Photos app using the ‘edit with’ option. But this no longer works.

The solutions for prior versions of Photolab do not work.

Looking at the installed modules, it would seem development for iPhone pictures ended with iPhone X.

Have DXO stopped supporting the iPhone or is it mind games from Apple causing problems?

Many thanks,


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Hi and welcome. Unfortunately Apple iPhones 11-13 are not supported at this time.

Are you referring to ‎DxO OpticsPro for Photos on the Mac App Store which was last updated in 2018 ?

Hi Lucas, no, I’ve always bought DXO products direct.

Is there any intention to support newer iPhones? I can understand not supporting android as there are too many manufacturers and models, but Apple tend to use the same cameras in their phones.

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I’m really not sure. There have been numerous requests but no definitive answers.


How about switching from HEIC to JPEG files on the phone?

Hi Mark, Sort of makes a mockery of the wish list. I’ll add my name to the list anyway. Thanks

Hi Joanna, I usually shoot jpg. But when a picture is important and my phone is the only camera I have, I switch to raw.