UI issues >> small text size & lack of contrast

I just sent the following to DxO support:

I do not wear prescription glasses - don’t need them, yet as Photolab develops, the UI text size gets smaller, and I’m having difficulty reading some of the menus, especially those inactive palettes when the text is a slighlty lighter shade of grey than the background - a severe lack of contrast. It negatively effects both usability and accessibility, and I see no options to change it. My other apps don’t have this issue.
While I recognize you’re attempting to pack a lot of info. into a smaller area, consider other options, e.g., use a shade of yellow on the text of active/selected palette areas while applying a brighter shade of white to inactive areas rather than the current grey text on grey background that’s almost unreadable. Contrast it as important as text size when making palettes/menus this small, and your current design has taken both too far in the wrong direction.

Hi Dave,

welcome to you. If you search in the section FR you will find Better User Interface which addresses a lot of stuff round the UI…you can vote here and wait like all the other members :wink: :blush:
Maybe in version 10 we will see some improvements
best regards

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Thanks for adding a link to that thread, @Guenterm

I still voted for this feature request, even though we sometimes get the feeling that the number of votes is way less important than other criteria used by DxO to reduce its backlog.


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Gray on gray is often not a very good combo.
I remember people complaining when the buttons in Windows were silverish in some kind of effort to give Windows a more sophisticated “silver” edge. Inaktive grayed out on silver was not appreciated of everyone.

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Thanks, Guenter. That post now has my vote, too…fwiw…

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