This picture cannot be developed because it is too small

I get this message in PL 3 for a photo after the following workflow.
"This picture cannot be developed because it is too small"

  1. Edit, develop and export PL3 to Viveza 2 (NIK Collection 3)
  2. Edit in Viveza 2.
  3. Save in Viveza 2 with a check mark next to “Save and edit later”.
  4. The image will be displayed in the PL3 image browser but marked with exclamation marks and the editor will say, freely translated, “This picture cannot be developed because it is too small”.

Does anyone have an idea what causes this or similar experiences?

Ohne Titel

The is a 100,000 pixel on one side top limit, but no minimum I’m aware of. What size is the file?

I processed a 499 X 964, 253KB, JPEG in Viveza without a problem.

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Can you upload the original file - the one you edited in DPL. I would give it a go on my computer.
What system are you on Win or Mac?


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Svetlana wrote in post What is the smallest JPG image size which can be processed by PhotoLab?
“The smallest size that can be processed by PL is 256X256.”
But don’t find anything if it’s similar with TIF Files

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Hi all, trying to answer all of your questions. First, I should have mentioned it at once, of course the TIF wasn’t to small. Size was 8200x5466 and 517mb. Also my answer @jamhen2.
@Sigi, I am on 10.14.6, latest PL3, latest Nik3. And sorry, already deleted.
@Guenterm, as you see, size was not the problem.
Wanted to test, if it works to open the file directly with right click from the finder. But unfortunately I already deleted it.
Just tried to reproduce the problem, but of course now no problems. But in fact it was not the first time I had this problem. For me it looks more like a problem with the .dop file.
Will continue to investigate and be back if I get the problem again
Thanks for you support

So we all 4 made a very good job that the problem has gone :innocent:
So one for all and all for one like the 4 musketeers :laughing:

Enjoy the week and always good light