Teeth Whitening

Add a slider for % micro-cleaning crystals.

Try local adjustments, auto mask, +25 exposure and -25 saturation. Adjust up or down as required. This or something like it was a LR preset if I remember correctly. However, if it’s a group photo be sure to apply the same settings on all individuals. Some people really notice these things. Selective whitening might start trouble!

While a special tool might be handy and perhaps faster, it’s just one more thing that adds to the bloat in software. @eriepa provides a very good manual way to handle the same thing and uses already available tools.

We’re seeing a lot of AI this and AI that in post-processing software lately. Some of that is helpful in making tools better (think AI Denoise) and some makes things more convenient and/or faster. Most folks fight against software bloat, which means it’s very hard for a developer to add features without the bloat. Perhaps we should be happy with less bloat and more manual techniques.

The purpose of a machine is to execute repetitive tasks. Why would someone be happy with more manual techniques ?

It is the developers job to bring a great UI/UX experience !
Today there is enough technology to realise just that.

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For repetitive tasks, I agree. But whitening teeth is very often different from subject to subject.

selection ( masking ) of the teeth shall be AI/ML automated ( of course a user has a option to adjust the automatically generated mask ) and then comes what is different ( that is a user decides on adjustments to colors, contrast, etc, etc )

PS: the same goes for other parts - eyes, lips, etc… take a cue from ACR/LR masking if not from specialized plug-ins

you can already whitening teeth with PL local adjustment, even though personally i prefer doing in AP because i’ve been doing it there or PS for over a decade. you can also use nik collection color efex and use the white neutralizer tool.

I am certainly in favor of improved masking and expanded local adjustments, just not specialized for teeth. As general-purpose tools, masking and local adjustments should be best-in-class to go with the best-in-class raw conversion and lens correction.

Now, it’s pretty straightforward to drop a control point on the teeth and adjust to taste.

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Teeth whiting as a batch process, is really a niche territory, and there is a niche tool for such a job. It makes little point to use that as a standard feature in DXO, because most people don’t really use it, and if they do, its not batch processing. You have specialized retouching tools for such work. I know, since I was a retoucher for long time. And as a rule of thumb, you don’t want one software that does it all, because it becomes buggy, bloated and slow and most features you never use. Specialized plug ins or third party apps are much more agreeable solution.

Retouch4me White Teeth is a software that automatically whitens teeth in photos, preventing them from turning yellow after applying warm tones