Tagging thumbnails with an icon

Is there any way of icon tagging a thumbnail similar to that of Collections in Lightroom, to indicate that the image is part of a project or projects. Then when you tick the icon it indicates which projects that image is part of?
I am currently using a colour to indicate it is in a collection/project, but you can only assign one colour to an image, so it’s not ideal.

No, we can’t.
But searching by file name (Library mode) is very efficient.


@Yorci There is no trivial way I can suggest it can be done except

  1. Name all Projects as “P00001 - ” e.g. “P00001 - Brighton from East Worthing”

  1. Add the Pnnnnn as a keyword to the images in a ‘Project’, which would also allow images to belong to multiple ‘Projects’. This will/may “clutter” any keywording you are doing as a normal part of your workflow.

  2. Search on the ‘Pnnnnnn’, in fact with the keywords entering just the “P” will produce useful information


  1. Although you could use the IPTC fields, e.g.

but the search yields only

'Projects; are only available in the database so lose the database and you lose the ‘Projects’ unless the keywords have been written back to the image when such “Projects” have then been externalised/“persisted” in the image metadata.

It is not “elegant” but it might be sufficient (or not!?)




Thank Bryan, I will have a play. The main reason I was looking to some how tag an image is that I have found I have visited an image decided to add it to a project to find that it is already in that project.



@Yorci Then it might work but it is a “kludge” rather than an “elegant” way of solving the problem. Effectively I am suggesting “overloading” the ‘Project’ name, i.e. giving it more purpose than it was intended to have but at the risk that it will “obscure” the actual Project name and/or any other keywords that you wanted to use!

Sorry I can’t do any better but I didn’t write DxPL I just use (and/or abuse) it.