Support for multiple GPUs

DeepPRIME’s reliance on GPU puts a lot of 2013 Mac Pro owners at a disadvantage, as eGPUs can’t be used via Thunderbolt 2. It would help a lot if PL4 would use both of the 2013 Mac Pro’s dual GPUs. When processing DeepPRIME, one of my 2013 Mac Pro’s D500 GPU runs at about 85% for, say, 30 seconds or so while the other idles, then they switch off. But, at no time are both active simultaneously.

With PRIME, my 8-core Mac Pro is a fast workhorse, but the switch to GPU processing has made it a laggard.

PL4 seems generally a lot less responsive than PL3 on my 2013 Mac Pro.

Also, it took PL4 at least an entire day to index roughly 250,000 images. Is this normal?

Hi - there’s already a feature request for DeepPRIME multiple GPU support:

I realize you’re asking specifically about a 2013 Mac. But GPU processing is only used by DeepPRIME as far as I know. What if you manually setup PL4 to use the CPU instead of the GPU? Does DeepPRIME performance get better or worse?

Yeah, I found the other post after writing mine.
DP processing with my 8-core 3.3GHz Xeon CPU takes roughly 3x-4x as long as with my FirePro D500 GPU.


Please, vote there and this one I’m closing as a duplicate - Multiple GPU (PC, LAN, Cloud) support for DeepPRIME

Svetlana G.