Support for Canon EOS R7

Just requested support for the Canon EOS R7. @Marie Any idea how long the wait is likely to be please?

Hello @hedwri ,

at the latest it will be in September bu I hope we will be able to provide its support this summer.


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@Marie Thank you very much for the reply, appreciated.

Kind regards, Hedley

@ Marie : Update will be free for DXO PL 5 ? Or it will be only for DXO PL 6 ?

PL6 won’t be released until the third week in October. Since @Marie indicated support of the R7 will be in September at the latest it should be available in PL 5.


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I’m sorry I forgot to updatee that topic but I hope you’ve seen update of PhotoLab 5 and PureRAW 2 at the end of July, it includes the Canon R7.


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I had, thank you @Marie