Strange VRam value?

In dopcor.txt in C:\Users\ {user name used} \Documents\DxO PhotoLab 6 I find this - (photolab 7 trial give the same values) :

GPU count: 2
GPU model: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti
GPU memory: 4095 MB
GPU model: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti
GPU memory: 4095 MB

Those 2 cards have more than 4095 MB ram.
Why are those low 4095 MB values ?

may be because DxO PL just needs at the moment <= 4GB and this is its way to record that it happily discovered that max of what is needed was found… $0.02

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Yep - Same for my GTX 1650

@JoPoV Same on my 2060 and 3060. In fact I don’t think DxPL needs that much memory, at least not for my RW2 images.

If you download a copy of GPU-Z and select the GPU, i.e. I have IGPU and GPU

Select Sensors and then set the Memory used to ‘Show Highest Reading’ and run some exports and see how much is reported.

A short run of 5 images with DP XD yielded this on my i7

The maximum memory used was reported as 1075MB, max power draw was 167.9W etc.