Strange behaviour of DCP profiles (monohrome) for Ricoh GR3x

I replied over there : continue with CLCS pipeline if you like what you paid for

all monotone DCP from Ricoh GRIIIX fixed for DxO PL in one 7Z

DxO = RICOH GR IIIx Camera Monotone Profiles (look LUT fixed).7z (167.5 KB)


ACR/PS quick test that my fix does not affect how they work in ACR ( one layer w/ fixed DCP and one layer w/ Adobe’s original DCP ) … visual passed

Similar effects occur with monochrome DCP profiles from Adobe for the Panasonic GX9. Initially, when DCP support was introduced in PL, it worked well. If I remember correctly, some version of PL 6.x started to “spoil” them giving effects similar to what pnajbar shown. DCP profiles for color images still work very well and give effects very similar to the images generated by the camera. Unfortunately, “black and white” DCP profiles are no longer useful. From my point of view it is a minor problem, but indeed the problem occurs.

fix for Panasonic seems to be easy along the way for Ricoh …

PS: it is as if several different teams created camera matching monochrome profiles for Adobe using several different approaches


Could you fix my profile ?
And still have skin color problems.

Thanank you ane more time, I’ll test them for various pictures in different light conditions, however initial feeling is very good!