Stop asking me to download Tamron DXO optics modules for Canon tilt-shift lenses

Two of my regularly used lenses are the Canon TS 45mm and TS 90mm. As these are tilt & shift lenses, there is no lens correction for them. I understand this. Fine. However, every time I have used these lenses DXO Photolab will ask me to download Tamron 45mm or 90mm lens modules. This I do not understand, as the EXIF info clearly states the lens model (e.g. via Irfanview $E42036 = TS-E 45mm f/2.8). So why ask me to download Tamron lens modules? Please, just tell me that there is no lens module for this lens, displaying the grey icon instead of the green icon in the picture row on the bottom of the screen. In my opinion this is a bug. Photolab can know that I am not using a Tamron lens. Or is Tamron using the same “TS-E 45mm f/2.8” tag? That would be very weird.

As a workaround, you could switch of automatic module download in DPL’s settings.

If there was any lens ambiguities, one could also download the wrong modules and then select the “none” option.

Thanks platypus! Switching off the automatic download I consider as the best option at the moment. Just have switched it off. Always possible to download a new module via the green icons.


To the attention of @Marie

Svetlana G.