Sony A7RIVa

If it’s such an easy fix, why don’t they implement it at DxO? Why am I to be the one to go through the hassle of converting my exif? I have better things to do and so little time to waste.


I agree with you. Seems they have a once per quarter release schedule and that’s it. It’s a little disappointing. What worries me here is they’re gonna make all users of this camera pay for PL5 to gain compatibility.


We are the minority to have an A7R IVA, we are not treated as an emergency

Hi Marie… just checking in on this timeline. DxO is such a game-changer for my work and I am sure you guys are crazy busy. Thanks for anything you can share. Steve

PL5 is out and the Sony A7RIVa is still not in the list of supported boxes. Could we at least have some news?

Hi @LaurentZol,
It’s scheduled for PL5.0.x, as an upcoming minor update.
Please be patient for a little longer…


Thank you :slight_smile:

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Please explain the reason.
Why are you taking such a long time to deal with this update?
It’s easy to copy and rename. There is no difference between ILCE-7RM4 and ILCE-7RM4A.
I have been using PhotoLab from ver.2. However, your trust has been lost in this matter.
I say again. Please explain the reason.

Hi Steven, Thank you for the update. As I stated above in this thread on Aug 16 I have loyally bought every upgrade since my starting with PhotoLab 1 Essential. Based on what you have stated, I will upgrade to 5 Elite, but if there is no support by the end of this year DxO gives me no choice but to reluctantly move to another editing software. I would strongly suggest to DxO that for this and future releases of cameras used by professionals and serious amateurs that DxO be way more proactive in supporting such camera models.

Hi Christopher,

As I said, this is just a matter of a few more weeks.
We continuously improve our calibration process and schedule, but sometimes for a given camera, we may face ‘delays’ between some users’ expectations and the final release.

If you’d like to further develop your point about how we should handle our calibration’s schedule, particularly for hi-end/pro cameras, I invite you to do so by sending us an email at:

Thank you.

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Hi Steven,

Many thanks for the quick reply. I have just upgraded to 5.0 Elite and look forward to the A7R IVA being supported in the next few weeks. And thank you for the suggestion to feedback re hi-end/pro camera calibration scheduling. I will do this and would encourage other Sony A7R users to do this also.

All the best,

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Hi Steven,
Being more pro-active could involve talking with and being kept informed by Camera manufacturers so that you’re informed and kabout the differences between camera models.
Maybe that you would then have known a long time ago that the only change as far as you’re concerned was the addition of the letter A in the RAW file where SonyModelID is found.

I’m afraid that even if this is what Sony would tell us, because of our scientific approach, we’ll have “to see if it’s the case”…Unless a model is sold in another country under a different name, in this case it’s exactly the same camera…but in the case of the Sony A7R IV / A we are in a muddy territory. Sony quietly updated this camera with the new ‘A’ variant…but besides battery life and screen resolutions, we really don’t know what was changed…


StevenL, Thanks for your answer.
Sony would tell you that nothing else changed and that they don’t produce the A7RM4 anymore just the A7RM4A. And this is on a worldwide basis. We’re told that this is because of a shortage of components that forced them to upgrade the screen resolution. When I edit the EXIF file to take away the A in the SonymodelID it works but it’s adding a non-desired step to the workflow when I have lots of photos to process in DXO PhotoLab.
By the way, I would be very curious to know if the same thing happens now when Sony A7 IV has been released? It is expected to be the major seller of “entry level fullframe” mirrorless/hybrid cameras for the next couple of years (like the A7 III has been) and therefore also an attractive and large potential customer base for DXO…If I were you I wouldn’t like to miss that boat…


We went from a few more days to a few more weeks. Any rough idea when the update will happen? I’ve just stopped everything because there are some photos for which I’d like to use Photolab but I also need to organise and keep working. That’s why an estimation would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I agree and I’m very sad to say that this is the last time I answer and write on this topic since we don’t seem to be able to receive any understanding whatsoever from DXO as to the importance of knowing if and when the implementation of this fundamental “feature” will be done.

I have been going through another private discussion with DXO support this week and it started positively with an answer saying that we will have it by December to thereafter be retracted with statements bringing us back to square 1 in June.

At the same time we receive lots of emails trying to persuade us to upgrade to v5.

I’m now fed up and won’t engage DXO support any more and won’t upgrade, at least not until the a7rm4a is supported if I won’t have left for other software offers by then.

I’m very sad about this because I was one amongst many others to keep paying back in 2018 when DXO was in trouble.

But please keep pushing if you have the time and the energy to do so.

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I echo RogerT. DxO has some very loyal users. I too did my best to support DxO in 2018 when it was in trouble and moved then from the basic version to the Elite version to give DxO more cash. I understand that these things take time to do properly but what we are asking is that DxO prioritise professional cameras and look after what we understand would be its main user base namely professionals and serious amateurs. I would note in this regard that just looking at the number of profiles downloaded for a specific camera does not give a true view of prime usage. I have received photos from other people using a variety of cameras that I keep but would never edit. When DxO sees them and asks me whether I would like to download the profiles for those cameras I of course download them but if they were not there to download, it would be of no issue to me. I essentially use one camera for a period of time until I replace it and that camera will be the A7RIVa for some time.

I look forward to DxO supporting the A7RIVa this year!

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A new update but still nothing for the A7RIVA files. Are you serious ? I’m starting to get used to derush in Capture One Pro and no longer switch to DXO.

There were no camera’s added to this bug release. There should be another release in December with support for new cameras, but obviously I have no idea whether the A7RIVa will be included.


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It’s so dumb. It’s the same camera.