Sony A1 update

I love DXO PhotoLab, I use it with my Sony A9ii . I just had the Sony A1 delivered yesterday, please hurry up and update this great program, I don’t want to go back to Adobe Lightroom

Hi Leo,
Sony A1 support is scheduled for June.


Hi Steven ,
Thanks for the reply, that’s some time away yet which is a shame , looks like I’ll have to change over to Adobe

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I agree.

A non-optimal workaround I used:

  • Lightroom: import photos to DNG
  • Edit Camera type in EXIF editor to ILCE-7RM4
  • Now you can open and edit your files in Photolab (I need Deepprime noise reduction).

If we have to wait with official support for the A1 till june, isn’t there an easier way to open en edit at least the DNG files without the need of EXIF editing?

Kind regards,

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