Some advice regarding metadata needed

How should it be possible to read the final processing of raw images, unless you mark it manually?
If I process a RAW with DXO, only DXO knows the status.
Or have I not understood the question correctly?

I think it was more my shortcut by describing the RAW output (by export or preview thumbnail) as “final edits”. Excire can only see the RAW itself, without any edit and I’m not certain if it uses the included JPG preview or creates some of it’s own.

Basically I’d prefer if Excire “sees” only the results of my edits (or JPG files, but this it can already do). But since the standalone version is not able to perform an “open with (dedicated PL or C1)”-action, I usually run it for entertainment (killer whales in Switzerland on a sweet-water river, that’s the material the next idea for a Hollywood blockbuster will be born from) and lately also for statistical reasons (do I really use that heavyweight 35/1.2? Yes, but the 35/2 is more in use… and so on).

Dear JoJu,

I use also the Excire Foto stand alone, and so I can’t aggree with “But since the standalone version is not able to perform an “open with (dedicated PL or C1)”-action”

Screenshot from Windows version 1.3.0

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Dear Günter,

and you don’t have to agree, ha! Because you’re right. :face_with_monocle: Although only for PL :smiley: Open with Capture One simply leads to an import dialog, since Excire can’t access C1 catalogs. Thank your for reminding me to try that out. I was rather sure with C1, less so with PL because sometimes I wanted to open various images in different folders. Nonetheless: Excire just and only shows the RAW “as it is”, which makes comparisons difficult.

A bird which needed a lot of cropping is hardly visible in the preview of Excire. A dark scene which just needs some push to the shadows to get rather good is in Excire a dark rectangle.

Excire has some neat features, but also (for my workflow) massive shortcomings. I don’t regret the license I bought. Integrated in PL it would be cool. I mean, better integrated than now with all the fuss of XMP exchanges…

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