Softproof with LR, how to export?

As I understood the post correct anywhere here in the print dialog

…yes, but I can only choose between colour management by DPL or (Canon) printer. I’ll have to recheck…

Same here. Also again difference between options on PC and Mac. Screenshots from the manual.

It seems, there are more options with the ColorSync Utility. Just found this website, How to use the macOS ColorSync Utility - TechRepublic which shows how to open a photo directly in ColorSync and how to apply a profile there.
I have to take a closer look myself, but it looks interesting.

Manual Apple

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Hi Wolgang,

at the moment I’m on Windows, but how did you ge´t this printer dialog settings?



from context menu → “Print” or hotkey < Strg + P >

[ The used paper profile _P800 PFBGS… is ‘homebrewed’ ( based on a ABW profile from → Eric Chan and allowing softproof with the Advanced Black & White driver part of my Epson P800 / ). This profile can even convert colour pics into greyscale – and as such proves instantly, if the printer menu’s output shows the original pic or the version w/ ICC profile applied. ]

I have now tested the workflow with the ColorSync utility. Works, but of course a bit cumbersome.

  1. Edit picture in PL5

  2. Export as TIFF

  3. Use the ColorSync Utility to apply the desired print profile

  4. Open both TIFFs in Preview and compare.
    (I do this by laying both of them congruently on top of each other and then toggle the view with cmd +>.)

  5. Then adjust the original image again in PL5 if necessary. Based on the photo to which the profile was applied you have an idea of ​​where you are going and what you have to adjust so that the photo with the applied print profile corresponds to the original.

This solution has the advantage for me that I can edit in PL5, where I know how what works.
The disadvantage is that it has a bit of try and error and you have to go through the process several times until it fits in the end.
The advantage in Lightroom is that you can compare the two variants directly and that other tools are also available.
Anyone who prints a lot can therefore certainly not ignore LR. For someone like me, who only prints from time to time, the Softproof with ColorSync is completely sufficient, despite the cumbersome workflow.


Sory for my stupid question…I know how to open te dialog, what I idiot forgot is to chose this


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I would welcome soft proofing in PL too. Meanwhile, for me, taking a chance (or wasting too much ink/paper on hard proofs, I settled on a different soft proof process for our fine art prints. After my work in PL is complete, I export a TIFF file to Affinity photo, where I do my soft proofing. I rather like Affinity’s soft proof approach, and I built a macro that adds the typical soft proof adjustment layers (into a Group) needed to adjust the image based on the profile chosen. Then it’s a simple process to uncheck/recheck the group to evaluate the final adjustment(s). I then print from Qimage for multiple reasons, one being uniformity among softwares. I don’t print from PL, Affinity, Painter or other applications we use. I realize this may be too many steps in different softwares for others, but we are not a high volume studio, going slowly and deliberately to tweak our fine art prints to satisfaction.

Works reliably for me… YMMV. :wink:

Hi Robert,

still use old PS … the [ scenario ] was to describe the present situation – and hopefully wake up DxO.


Agreed. For me, it would save a trip through Affinity if I did not have any pixel work.

Dear @Joanna,
I’ve checked this and yes it works :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
For me the only break is still that I have to export, open in CS, and if it doesn’t work for me I have to go back to PL and adjust again.
For the moment I will do it this way

So enjoy your day and thanks again

Edit: Sorry was not a answer for myself but for your post 12, no idea what I’ve marked :crazy_face:

Well, I guess we’ ll have to learn to live without it in PL. Already found workflow with PL and Qimage One some years ago. I don’ t think PL will ever reach those capacities, so maybe better to leave it like it is.

I use Affinity