Sneak Peeking?

ON1 has always been pretty open about what they are developing and especially so for their Photo RAW application. In anticipation of their fall release of Photo RAW 2024, they have started a series of videos showing off features ‘coming soon.’

Maybe this helps their sales for current software via subscription so that buyers are assured they get the cool new features first rather than people holding off to buy later when they see what they get?

It would be cool if DxO did that for PhotoLab. I’d really like to see what holes they plan to plug with v7.

You mean PhotoLab 7 :wink:
DxO’s rather Apple-minded, “Keeping everything a secret and hoping for a whaoo effect”


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Yes! Fixed.

Yes, ON1 have a more modern marketing approach than DXO and I don’t see that changing.

The flip side of “coming soon” is when “soon” doesn’t eventuate for whatever reason, or stretches the definition of that word. That creates negative sentiment, too.

or to simply get money in the box, while the buyer is then waiting for what’s promised, but not yet delievered.

Unfortunately, On1 was often over-promising and under delivering. They would talk about new AI features for example, only to end up being very mediocre and unpolished when released. For “sneak peeking” to work in a correct way, the opposite is needed. Under promise and over deliver. On1 has been adopting a model of replicating features of others and implementing them in a mediocre manner, pushing for marketing campaign rather than polishing bugs and innovating. This is deliberate for them, to snatch a market share and keep it. They will probably never be truly number one, but they can be second or third in the market. For people who want the best, on1 I would not recommend. Despite their marketing.

That being said, DXO should inform users in time for the new releases for the upgrade policies.

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They have had problems with major releases that took a few updates to get the big bugs out.

But that does not detract from their attempt to let people know what features are coming.

Some of what they’ve done is quite good. Some is just so-so. Like most software, you have to balance the good with the OK and pick what works for you.