SilverEfex Control Points - Automatically being deleted

I have a “Little” problem with Control Points in version3. If you then “accidentally” or purposefully change presets to view a different look [It does not leave the current preset highlighted] ALL your control point editing is automatically deleted.

This is a Major Bug! To those that prefer the new look to control point editing… I question the amount of testing you have done.

Its not a bug but always been that way, once you start editing or add control points, as soon as you click to see what other made preset look, it reset all edits and add what the preset was made of.

Seems reasonable to me. Nik is not layer based editing so I would expect that to be the case.

The Nik programs seem to treat the presets (or recipies) similarly to full presets in PhotoLab. They overlay everything including control points. I believe they have always been that way. In Color Efex Pro, which has not been updated with the new interface, the presets are called recipes, and changing a recipe removes any control points.


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@Rowan & all,

Silver Efex Pro 3 deletes the controlpoints, when applying a new recipe,
but at least gives you a warning. – SEP 2 did (and does) NOT delete the controlpoints.

The very same happens to Viveza 3 and 2 (v2 didn’t have recipes yet).

So yes, there should be an option to delete / keep the controlpoints when changing the recipe,
at least in SEP 3!

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Just tried it and indeed it does. Color Efex is different.

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Wolfgang thanks for confirming that SEP2 did NOT delete the Control Points, but I have NOT yet to see a warning in SEP 3.

CONTROL POINTS are Independent of presets (or recipes) and are photograph specific. I want to see how my changes by using control points are effected by different presets … Just as in version 2 (This is the correct way it should be handled)
As I said in my first comment this is a MAJOR BUG!

As a recovery/work-around, Rowan: Ctrl+Z will undo your loss of CPs (when you change preset).

John M

John Thanks for the work-around, but it only works for the first present change. The second preset change deletes the Control Points. I don’t think the programmers know how much time is spent adjusting the control points
What I cannot believe is that I cannot find anyone else reporting this issue. Was SEP3 only tested by the programmers who wrote it (same ones that removed the SEP2 method of adjusting Control Points), bloggers and “Experts” that have never used SilverEfx before as per the first three replies to my issue???. This is a MAJOR BUG that needs to be fixed ASAP.

Adding to this problem is when you reopen a image how do you know what the active preset is?
(I had not realized this problem also existed in SEP2 because my custom presets were set up based on the subject matter). At least SEP2 opened up just showing my Custom presents… SEP3 opens up in default to ALL Presets
The program should open up with the active preset in focus and highlighted with it’s brown border.

I object to that. I never held myself out to be an Expert, was not involved in the testing and just said that the behaviour seemed reasonable to me.

I object as well. I’ve been using Silver Effects Pro for years, ever since Google started giving it away. Once I settle on a preset I start making adjustments. It is very rare that I change presets at that point.


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No need to upset & react … – we all try find our way through the ‘software jungle’. I’m always happy, when someone finds/talks about a specific point or feature, I never thought about.

the warning in SEP3 and Viv3, when changing the recipe
Screen Shot 06-14-21 at 09.28 AM

Why not adapt the handling from ColorEfexPro 4?

There, one can add a single filter and keep the so far made corrections including the set control points,
while adding a bunch of filters will overwrite them.