Silver Efex 3 / Viveza 3 disk full messages

Upgraded to Nik Collection 4 on Win 10 64bit. When attempting to access Silver Efex 3 or Viveza 3 as filters from Photoshop CC I get the following message disk full message:


None of the drives are anywhere near full. All the other filters work from Photoshop. Silver Efex and Viveza both work as stand-alone programs and from Photo Lab 4.

I have seen a suggestion that the issue may be that the path is incorrectly set during installation, but can’t see where to change it. I did notice that both program’s config files only contain options for us and jp as regions.

Update - not a path issue as the problem only occurs with seemingly random image files. Fails consistently on the same files - doesn’t appear size related.

Same problem here.

I’ve the same issue with the new version of Silver efex and Viveza 3. I’ve opened a ticket to without having received any response yet

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I’ve had a reply from DxO support saying that they’ve consolidated a number of tickets reporting similar issues.

They have suggested some work rounds until a fix is released in a new build.

1 Convert files from 16 bit to 8 bit

2 Work with smaller photo files (not much chance with files from GFX 100)

3 Use the app stand alone instead of launching from within Photoshop (I’ve tested this with the files that don’t work from within PS and it works - just means a painful workflow).

Sounds as if it is an accidental file size limitation on one of the scratch files. If so, a lot of my files must be around the border as the one that don’t work are all straight forward files with only one layer at around 230 ~ 250 Mb. When your RAW files are 203 Mb, not many PS files are going to be less than this.


Same problem with Nik 4 but only with Silver Efex Pro 3 and Viveza 3. Did not exist with previous version of Nik 3

Exactly the same problem. More free disk space and RAM than I know what to do with right now, but very frustrating.

@Stefano, @nsapcorp, @Haldw777/David - -

Yes, it’s a known problem - and DxO have said they’re working on a solution.

Meanwhile, see here for a suggested work-around (by renowned photographer, Robin Whalley).

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