Sigma 28mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art module?

I’d have loaned you mine from the beginning if you paid the shipping and gave me a free year of the software had you asked. But I’m glad it’s getting added.


For those keeping track at home, as of right now this module due at the end of the month still isn’t on the roadmap.

My camera, all Sigma 28mm lenses:

Any camera, all Sigma 28mm lenses, sorted descending:

Any camera, all Sigma 28mm lenses, sorted ascending:

Well the July update that was due has slipped into August as afar as I can see, or maybe its becoming version 3?


we plan to release it on July 31st but it might slip to August 7th due to technical issues (not related to the Sigma lens).


Thanks for the update, its frustrating for those told something is coming only to get no updates about it.

It is available as of the last update as reported. About to try it on a batch of photos I took today!

Your lens saga is over.


I literally said that minutes before you posted that :slight_smile: