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You’re right, I have been working hard to find an efficient workflow with a pleasing result for clients (and myself!) I am not pleased at all with what Photomatix Pro does to RAW files (No “Natural” setting available, and the result shouts “HDR”) ; the result of bracketed jpegs is well balanced and does not need much editing in DXO.
I bracket -4, -2, 0, +2, +4 with some exposure compensation when needed.

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EasyHDR creates much more natural HDR images than for instance Aurora 2019. PhotoMatix Pro and Aurora are apparently quite similar in their output style. I’ll probably return Aurora 2019 as I so much prefer what I get out of EasyHDR.

EasyHDR also does a much better job auto-masking moving objects (branches, windmills) to eliminate ghosting than either Aurora 2019 or Photoshop CS6.

EasyHDR is much less expensive than Photomatix Pro - it’s just some bright guy in Poland named Bartłomiej Okonek who is a programmer and an astro-photographer who originally created it for his own use. He’s running a 20% off sale now. Theoretically you should buy the commercial license at €47 and not the home license at €28 but you could probably start with the home license until you successfully deploy EasyHDR in your commercial workflow.

Here’s a couple of examples of EasyHDR processed images - note I’m processing to attempt to make the image look natural.

I sometimes use jpegs pre-processed with DxO PhotoLab when creating HDR images with EasyHDR to make sure the results have the correct colours up front. Sometimes I work directly with RAW images which does allow a bit more flexibility within EasyHDR.

Of course I have downloaded EasyHDR (Thanks to you :imp:)
It seems to preserve the highlights a lot better than Photomatix but the result is somehow darker…but, a lot of details lost.

And I started to compare with Affinity Photo, well…you’d be surprised! No artefact, very sharp, not as good to recover highlights but all in all very pleasing.
I suppose this conversation about HDR apps could carry on indefinitely.

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Salut Chris

Short answer for me too :wink:
For this, you can use the projects.
In this case a “stupid” project to collect all the images.

Très beau travail sur ton site.


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Merci mais comment l’as-tu trouvé ?

Je suis parti de ce post

Je ne google pas les gens ici :blush:

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ça n’est pas mon site, juste un exemple de travail.
Site, Facebook et instagram en MP si ça t’intéresse.

YES :smile:

Merci pour l’information. Avec EasyHDR on peut créer très facilement des Presets qui convient aux besoins de projet. Je croire que l’integration semi-automatique avec une application externe (ACDSee par example) soit plus facile avec EasyHDR que avec Affinity Photo.