Search within Fotothek

Hi folks,
hope everyone is fine and healthy!
I’ve a little question for searching photos within Fotothek. I know that one of my smartphones has manufacturer/model note ANE-LX1. Trying this term as search criteria I don’t get any result. No problem I think because i can also use focal length which is 3.81 mm…no result.
My last test was the ISO 500…that works and I get all images made with ISO 500, but there are also pictures from my Nikon and Oly cameras made with 500, and 20 pictures of the ANE-LX1 but not all.
Isn’t it possible to search for manufacturer and/or model?
Thanks a lot

Hello @Guenterm,

  • Nope, it’s not possible.
  • The search by focal lens is available, and in your case 4mm search parameter should work. Could you, please, try and let me know the result?

Svetlana G.

Hello Svetlana,
searching with 4mm works and I got 2265 pictures as result.
So my idea to look for all photos from ANE-LX1 and give them a special preset look is not possible.
What i don’t understand…the term ANE-LX1 is part of the EXIF Data and also shown in the develope screen…why not searchable.
best regards