Saving Preset without the Crop or Local Adjustements

I’ve been a Lightroom and Nix Collection user for longer than I can remember. The newest release of PhotoLab 1.2, which includes the u-point tech really caught my attention, so I’ve downloaded and fiddled with. So far, it seems oh-so-very-good: I’m able to do pretty much everything I currently do under Lightroom, with some added artistic tools.

The issue I’m having is when reusing the Presets that I’ve made: I seem to be unable to unselect a few of the adjustments which I absolutely do not want to bring over from my previous edit, such as white balance, crop, local adjustments. Is there a way around this?

Process I’m using: I start with a RAW file, let’s say a landscape, void of any adjustments (click reset). Then I adjust and tweak everything I need: color, exposure, some local adjustments, crop, horizon, etc. I then save this as a Preset-A. Select a different photo, let’s say photo of a building, then click on Preset-A and then apply. So everything is applied, including crop, horizon, local adjustments, etc, which I really do not want… so now I have to reset one by one the adjustments I do not want… this is super time consuming.

Thanks in advance!


The preset is a different thing then the copy paste function.
But yes there is some improvement possible for DxO PL (even in copy paste there isn’t (yet) a partial paste posible.) It’s in the request section already mentioned as a wanted future and i believe it’s in consideration to add partial pasting (don’t know if partial-preset applying is also thought of.)
(same as a temperately storeplace for a correction copy like store 1 ,2 ,3 ,4)
you have save it as a preset- (and dispose after finishing task. (at least i didn’t found this function)

what you could do is make a preset before the local adjustments, leave DSL on spotweighted mode slight (this way it detects automatic faces or goes in uniform adjustment 25% if non found, and you can adjust afterwards with the tool drawing boxes around points of interest.)

If WB is set “as shot” it uses the WB of the camera as default.

Ive made a “general preset” based on some personal likings which can applied to 90% of my general, non portrets or specific images.

Perspective can be go wrong, so i turned that off and select manualy so i see whats happening, same as horizon.
Clearview also can do damage unwanted. specially on faces and detailed things like brickwork.

Hello @VincentR,

When you create a preset from current settings and apply it on the next image, it’s expected that all the corrections are applied.
To avoid Crop or Horizon or whatsoever corrections to be applied with your preset you can modify it in Preset Editor and exclude an unnecessary correction before applying to the image:

Svetlana G.


Hi Svetlana,

local adjustments are not listed in this menu, so how can I exclude / select them?

I also fell in this trap and created a preset with local adjustments by accident, and applied it to a bunch of images. It took me more than one hour to correct it and I’m not sure that I got it right.

No way for now :frowning: . They won’t be included in 2 cases: 1 - you create a preset in a Preset editor; 2 - you create preset from current setting before you apply Local corrections.

Svetlana G.

well, IMNSHO this is an error.

How shall we deal with it? Shall I open a ticket?


No need, Oliver.

We know about this behavior and this is expected for now. The improvement is in our backlog already.

Thank you

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Thank you very much! I<ll create a new preset without the local adjustments.

If I may suggest: a pop-up should appear when saving a Preset, asking what to include. Right now, it saves everything and you then have to go back to remove…

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I use PhotoLab 1.2.3 and came across this issue again today.

Question: Is this resolved in PhotoLab 2 ?

As a work-around, if someone is ok with using a text editor to change preset files, this can be resolved by removing the complete section “LocalParameters” from the preset file.

On MacOs the preset files can be found in “~/Library/DxO PhotoLab v1/Presets”.
PL should not be running while the .preset file is changed, otherwise the change may not become effective. I suggest to make a copy of the .preset file before changing it.

This way, the preset will not just have no local adjustments (hence clearing the local adjustments on a picture) but not touch the local adjustments when it is applied.

I hope this helps anybody.