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Hi Everyone,

I normally do my processing using the Advanced Tools Workspace but I have been trying to get used to clicking on the buttons to display the tool families. My dilemma is how do you go back to the advanced tool pallet display. Is there a shortcut button or buttons? I can’t seem to find anything in the PL4 manual regarding the procedure. Any one have any idea how this is done short of clicking on the workspace menu?


Hi Larry. Just unclick the selected tool families button. When nothing is selected, the default toolset is available.

It took me awhile to figure it out, I needed help from @John-M. I still use the basic set 90% of the time as I have all the tools I use regularly in exactly the order in which I like to apply them. The tool families are useful when I want to use the tools I don’t use regularly.

Thanks Alec,

I misspoke I actually meant the Advanced and I, like you, have them arranged in the order in which I use them but I ventured to the tool families buttons and got a bit trapped. I’ll try the unclick to see if I can get back to the advanced set. I may just have to make myself a custom work space with the tools I use most.

OK that worked great it went right back to my tool set the way I like them. Thanks, Alec, I appreciate the advice. :smiley:

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Why not create your own custom workspace(s)?

As you write, there seems to be no keyboard shortcut for switching workspaces.
You could post a feature request here:

Thanks Joanna,
I am seriously thinking about doing just that.

Since I’ve become more familiar with the advanced tool pallet features and how they operate I’m pretty satisfied with how to execute the desired features. I might suggest the possibility of a shortcut key combination to return to the default workspace.

Get some inspiration here:

And some usage tips here.

John M