Request/Suggestion: Filter status should not be "sticky" between sessions

Currently, any filter settings assigned in one session of PL remain active for the next session/instance of PL … This can be confusing when one forgets that a filter has been applied (sometime in the past) - with the (often puzzling) result that not all images in the current folder are included in the Image Browser.

Request/suggestion: Reset all filter settings when PL shuts-down.

John M

It may be interesting but what if I suspend a session, and want to come back where I was while reopening PhotoLab ?

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You just have to have the choice with a check box in the settings.


If you’re not sure whether this is a good idea, or not … then follow these steps;

As the last thing you do, when you’re about to finish using PL for some while;

  • Go to the Filter option and select “Processed
  • Shut-down PL …
  • At some point in the future, you will start-up PL again … and wonder why you can’t see the new images you just added to the current folder ! … Mmmmm ???
  • Ahaah - and then you’ll recall this little exercise …
  • And then you’ll come back here to click on the Vote button … Thank you !!

John M

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Hi @John-M
I’m not against that idea, but if it’s done we should have the option to define our choice in Preferences as I still want to keep the current way.

And so, I vote for it to get the both options.


I have a standard filter to exclude photos that I rejected to help with culling images.
I would absolutely hate to have to set that every time I start PL. For casual filter users what you propose may be helpful, but it should definitely be an option only.

Even better, how about filter presets? You set a bunch of filters, give them a name and then set a standard filter preset in your preferences just like you do with processing presets.

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Good idea :+1:t4:

I would vote for this solution :+1:t2: