Request: Auto tone adjusting highlight and shadow automatically

Auto tone feature is missing in PL, which is very helpful in Lightroom and Capture One, it can help to save much time in adjusting the highlight and shadow manually,


@sgospodarenko … Still no ability to “like” the top-level of a request - We need this to show support when all our votes have been used up, as I understand and appreciate that you cannot be counting +1s.

So, as I will be doing soon… the “request” OP should immediately create another post just underneath the original that people can like - with an explanation as to its purpose.

I understand your intent, Jim - but,would that actually help ?

Wouldn’t it be just another “like”, like any other that was given just because someone liked someone else’s comment (I know I often do that - in appreciation of a sensible/helpful contribution).


What is the difference between Auto tone feature in Lr and Smart Lighting in DPL ?
What I mean it’s DPL usage should not be a substitute for Afobe.
The DPL vocation is to offer the best image.

Right now we are really short on votes it seems (though as I’ve read that might change) - so a “like” would offer another way to show support if the post where the “like” was given was immediately under the “request” by the OP - this “like” post also authored by the OP of course.

Also - maybe even if You have votes - the idea doesn’t grab You enough to commit a vote but You do like the idea and think it would be useful.

I’ve seen quite a few “+1” along these lines which can not be tallied by the system - but “likes” can.

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