Rephrase first hub page


“An update is available” suggests that there is something to download, which is not the case here, as we can see from the version number in the lower LH cornet of the screen. I propose that you change that text to something more fitting like e.g. “Your PhotoLab is up-to-date”.

As the hub seems to be a simple web browser with content that doesn’t interact with the installed software, I think a better text would be, “DxO has released an update.” The tab is “What’s new” - so being able to browse the release notes here is helpful.

KIS is good in general, but this implementation seems too simplistic…but it’s still able to show what version of DPL is installed (calling the hub page)
Bildschirm 2023-09-06 um

Imo, the mechanism is present, but the hub source needs some rethinking (and rephrasing).