Rendering RAW Files is very slow

I’m dabbling with astrophotography and as such I often have to convert over 100 raw files at a time. I really like the results from DxO PhotoLab 3, but it’s rendering is REALLY slow compared with other programs.
Examples for 19MB images 45MB images
Program: Render Time per image: Render Time per image:
PhotoLab 3 46.5 sec 120.0 sec
Luminar 11.5 sec 16.3 sec
Nikon Capture NXD 10.0 sec 12.3 sec
PhotoNinja 3.5 sec 5.0 sec
ACR 3.5 sec 9.0 sec

These times are for converting a Nikon NEF file to a 16 bit TIFF file.
I have a decent PC (Intel i5-6400 @ 2.7GHz with 40GB of memory), but the issue is not hardware. Either I have something set very wrong (10126Mb cache and processing 2 images simultaneously) or PhotoLab is REALLY slow at rendering ???

Rendering times depend on many things. One of the most time consuming tasks is noise reduction.

Check out the available NR modes and see how rendering times change.

Thank you … NR is exactly what was taking up the bulk of the time in the rendering process. If I change NR from Prime to HQ(Fast) render times for the 19MB images drop from 46.5 sec to 9.3 sec and for the 45MB images times drop from 120 sec to 23.5 sec.
Issue solved … thanks again !

You’re welcome.

Do you see any substantial differences when you compare output made with PRIME vs one that used HD? PRIME can get you a lot less noise, but can also iron over some details.

Noise reduction might not be too vital in astrophotography - if you stack several shots. It’s a pity that most apps don’t offer this function, a function that seems easy enough to implement.

No, the difference will be minor because tens to hundreds of images are stacked with a median filter applied greatly decreasing the noise in the resulting image.

…you can then carve out a few seconds by completely switching off noise reduction. Switching off distortion correction can save some processing time too.

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