Remove, repair, clone, fix: How?

PL selects automatically, but often, sometimes very often, it selects from the wrong place or the alignment is incorrect. It is then up to you to manually move those masks to a better location. Show masks has to be selected to this this, of course.


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Of course… :ok_hand: I just have to find the button for that… :joy:

“Show masks”. Found it! E z peazy now! Thanks a million! :clap: :pray: :v:

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The question is : why on earth would you want to erase that antenna ? Isn’t it part of reality ? Are the people of Stavanger supposed to not watch TV ? In the twenty-first century ?
In what way are their houses (which you accept) nobler than an antenna (which you do not accept) ?

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Would the removal of anything be acceptable to you? Would you feel the same if there was a dead bird lying on the roof? That would also be a part of reality. The tool is there in part to help us remove visual distractions. The antenna is an artifact from a different time period than the rest of the street and is out of place there. The eye is drawn to it and it hurts the overall aesthetic of that lovely old street. Keep those types of things in your images if that is your preference. However to my eye it’s an unnecessary distraction which negatively impacts the results.



Of course ! A dead bird is an interesting subject, both emotionally and graphically.

It is however this confrontation that gives a bit of interest to the image… Much more (imho) than the “charming old alley” purified to recreate a false authenticity (that never, ever existed)…

But there is no accounting for tastes :upside_down_face:

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We can at least agree on that one point.


I want to remove the antenna because I know that pi… u off… :rofl: :joy: Case closed :shushing_face: :zipper_mouth_face:

I rather want to know why on earth those door lights are turned on it’s burning sunny.:grin:
Or it’s because of the cloudy background.( i first thought you replaced the sky but then i saw a shadow of a bird inthere.

I would remove that disk also, fysicly i mean. Geesh internet TV is cheap these day’s.
And my kids does only youtube if i let them.
I find disks ugly an antenna has some details and can bring a roof some extra a disk is only suitable for targetpractise LOL.
(just having fun, don’t realy shoot tv disks that’s not polite.)

About learning to use the tools better. Create a folder where you put “difficult images” as a copy so you can try and error in masking, controlpoint use, cloning and repairing, color replacements, partial adjustments. Then you don’t have to worry over doing it or ruining the image, reset after awile for a second go to see if you improved your skills.
If so do a hole develop and maybe replace the one you did archive as “done”.

I mark a image when i am not totaly satisfied, mostly of my skilset or toolset of my developer of choise isn’t enough to finalize the image.(or the image is just rubbish and i am not ready to ackowledge that yet.)
Anyway i have a collection of images i use to practise, test or to learn from.
When i am in the mood i target one to do some experimenting. Different aproaches of possible solutions to a problem. This helps to master the toolset of DxO and widen your view about possibilities. And as bonus it speed up your regulair work due faster knowing how to proces a image.


On n’a pas gardé les cochons ensemble… Cette vulgarité ne fait d’ailleurs que confirmer mon impression. Comme on dit :
杇木不可无雕, 灰话土不能打墙 !

Je suis vraiment désolé :sleepy: Je t’aime aussi :kissing_heart: Passe une très bonne journée! :smiley: 种瓜得瓜, 种豆得豆 :wink:

Hello Mark,

  • We have the task to make the mask more visible. And we’ll try to do that as soon as possible.

Svetlana G.