Reddish glow on RAW's from Lightroom to DxO PhotoLab

When I transfer RAW’s from Lightroom, which doesn’t have a glow. I don’t edited any thing. Via File -> Plug-in Extra’s -> Transfer to PhotoLab.
The files have a reddish glow. What doe I wrong?

With regards, Martin

i don’t use LR, which kind of type of file do you export?
DNG, Tiff or is it actually a command open rawfile in DXO?
is prime denoise stil possible?
Redisch glow can be color noise in dark area’s, or sensor heating on long exposures.
Or WB go wrong, what does the WB colorpicker?

Maybe, in LR and PL, the color management settings are set differently?


A. OXiDant;
I send ‘pure & unedited’ RAW-files from Lightroom to DxO Photolab. Both in FAST-RAW-Viewer & Lightroom CC the ‘blacks’ are pure black. Within the DR of the camera, without clipping the blacks.

B. Corros:
I haven’t a clue where to look for ‘color management settings’ other then monitor profiles. My workflow, Lightroom (can’t changed, ProPhoto RGB) -> Edit in DxO Photolab (monitor profile, Adobe RGB) -> export to Lightroom as DNG & ProPhoto RGB profile -> Fine Tune in DNG’s in Lightroom -> Send to Photoshop (PSD & ProPhoto RGB)

With regards, Martin

ok, and if you load the rawfile directly in DxOPL?
Do you get the same glow?
Prophoto rgb and adobe rgb is two different colorspaces, but if you directly load a rawfile it shoulden’d matter on the dxopl side only when imported as lineair dng. in LR.

But it can be sent in wrong wb …

please read this.

like @Corros said, color management.
prophoto isn’t available in photolab.

Edit: The artikel shows why you get a redisch glow:

See the difference in “red” corner. 610 against 700.
Adobe is reaching its “end” earlier.