PureRaw2 taking 2 minutes and 30 secs to process each photo

Taking 2mins 30 secs to process each photo. using Razer GEFforce RTX 3080 8gb gddr6 vram 10th generation core i7 processor 8 core/ 16 threads up to 5.1 Ghz. Any idea why it is so slow. Have cleaned off the computer using 32gb ram. The support at DXO are as helpful as a hip pocket in a singlet ie no help at all. Any helpappreciated.

Are you running low on free disk space or swap (virtual memory) on any of your drives?

How big are your RAW photos?

What settings are you using?

Is anything else that’s resource-hungry running on your computer at the same time?

700GB free. Raw files around 25 mb CR3 files DeepPrime DNG files. Have turned off all other programs.


My iMac takes 8 minutes to develop 60 .CR2 image files (total of 1.3 GB on disk) with DeepPRIME, 2’30" per file seems way too high. Does your system monitor show any activity with the GPU?

I am not sure how I check the system monitor. When I was using the original program each file took about 17 seconds since downloading PureRaw 2 I can no longer use my original program it crashes as soon as I load a photo., and I have this horribly slow processing with Pr2.

I’m on Mac, you seem to work with windows…maybe someone with windows can help you.

Have you checked DPR’s settings? Mine look like this:

Try the different options for DeepPRIME acceleration.

I am using the same setting under preferences. But I had to go to the graphics area of the system and do a bit of playing around to stop my photos being processed as black blank files. A problem quite a few people have had but it doesnt appear DXO has put forth a solution. Havent answered my support tucket from 5 days ago. Pathetic after sales service.

@brie321 it is obvious that this is not normal behaviour but even if we monitor the system that might show that there is a problem but not indicate where that problem might lie.

Other users have been experiencing export issues as a result of an apparent clash between Avast, AVG and DxPL, whether those issues would also apply to PureRaw I cannot say and whether that is pertinent to your problem …? Export doesn't work anymore (DxO PL6) - #19 by stevepaint.

I have been running a lot of performance tests lately, culminating in a downgrade of this machine (power supply and graphics card) pending the arrival of a new motherboard and processor in an hour or so.

So what are your ‘Preference’/‘Performance’ settings?

I use Sysinternals Process Explorer to monitor my machine all the time using the tray icons


clicking on them gives a larger display from which the following is available

with GPU-Z also running.

These do not tell us what is wrong they simply tell us if DxPL is actually doing anything or has got hung up on something or by something, which is a starting point.

Bryan, it’s about PR not PL.

@Wolfgang I know but large elements of the product are the same and the reason that it is getting “stuck” may involve Virus protection software but either way the monitoring tools I have shown are still useful for both products and may indicate whether PureRaw is actually doing anything or is “hung up”.

However, the preferences are unlikely to be the same so I apologise for that.

I downloaded a copy of PureRaw a short while ago and may load it up on the boot drive I use to commission my new machine which will have a short life!

Thanks for your response I downloaded the program you recommended it shows pureraw 2 _saver.exe is using 95% CPU and the PureRaw 2. exe is using less than 0.0!%. When. I was getting the black files it was suggested on here that I add the PureRaw 2_saver exe to the sysyem graphics as power saver mode. This fixed the back files but files processing super slow. I have it set to deep prime acceleration auto selection. When I loaded the new Pureraw 2 I still had PureRaw on my computer would this gave corrupted the update? Thanks for trying to help.

I don’t know if my reply will be of any help, but I was about to give up on DxO because raw files were taking almost 12 minutes to export when I was done editing. That’s ridiculous needless to say. I had almost the same setup as you and had 32 gigs of fast ram.

I knew I was about to do a new build and now have it completed. Those same files went from 12 minutes to 4-5 seconds. I’m not overclocking. I am using 64 gb of DDR5 ram, new intel i13th generation chip, 4060 GPU and new ASUS Z790 board. It’s the first time I’ve spent over $400 on a motherboard. I was overdue for a new machine anyway and was not willing to give up on the program. Some of my raw files are close 100mb from the Fuji GFX 100s and not much smaller from the Sony a7rv and I’ve not had one take more than 5 seconds yet.

My machine idles at 1% cpu usage and very low temps with only an air cooler, but a very good one.

Not always the ideal solution, but I’m glad I did it.

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I must admit that all my various problem with Nik Collection and Photolab dissapeared after a clean installation of windows - the titles of any deleted programs/apps were sent to an HTML file on the new desktop for me to re-install if I chose to, but I can understand frustration if time is of the essence or photos are for a client!

You cannot compare it with a Mac and its ARM processor (M1, M2). I tested PureRAW v3 with an Intel i9 machine and 16 GB and a Macbook with M2 processor (parameterization Neural Engine in PureRAW). The Macbook has double speed converting the Rawfiles.
It is also important to know that if not using Prime XD in PureRAW software, this will speed up a lot. So it is not always necessary to require Prime XD, the difference maybe is more important when using very high ISO (>12000).

Welcome to the forum, @Ryka28

The post you referenced simply states the export times I get on my (Intel) iMac and that @brie321’s times look long.

Export times depend on many things such as computer gear and image customizing etc… Moreover, the times we get are the times we get and we cannot do much, except not using the features that cause long export times, which contradicts the reason why we got DPR in the first place. :man_shrugging:

I have PR2 on a Dell XPS with RTX2060 graphics card and latest Win 11. DxO normally takes 15-30secs for a 32MP CR3 file. Recently it started to take 4-5mins for one file despite an estimate of 14secs. But after uninstalling an expired test version of PR3, the previous performance has returned.
On maybe it was something else?