PureRaw + Fuji X-T5 + Lightroom = purple in highlight

wild guess : Down under? somehow i have an itch your also on other forums and ive seen you there. can’t pinpoint yet…the way of writing and type of knowledge :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

anyway i hope someone from DXO Staff drops in to make some thru and false remarks

somebody ( topic starter ) shall file a bug report - the case was clearly illustrated … the fix is expected

There is detail in the sky. Makes a mess of the image revealing it, but its there.

it is was not what was troubling the topic starter… topic starter was troubled that linear DNG generated by DxO PL when used in Adobe’s LR was exhibiting a classic magenta skies symptom… it was clearly explained and demonstrated by your very own resident expert ( :smiling_face: ) that the reason is the bug in DxO PL that for this particular model does not properly generate linear DNG files ( combination of whitepoint tag and scaling of demosaicked data ) and NOT with Adobe’s raw converters which rightfully expect linear DNG files to comply with DNG standards and conventions …

It’s done.

I did look.

White level for a 16-bit image is 65535.


Why should I bother? I use DxO PhotoLab and Topaz Photo AI for 99% of my work, mainly printing for myself and other photographers, and have plenty of satisfied customers. I stopped using Adobe products years ago, when they switched to subscription and have never looked back.

I don’t know why but you seem determined to be rude to all and sundry, which doesn’t make for good relations in the groups. So unfriendly, you even hide your profile details to avoid being identified for the rude person you seem to be.


Precisely. but there’s no telling some people. And, as for lowering the level to 225 225 225, all that does is make for light grey.

When I understand well all @Merlinx63 has to do is to set the max value some below 255 like @Joanna said. He is correcting LR then.


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Just looking further.

Maybe I missed something?


right - now look what DxO PL6 does when it generates a linear DNG from X-T5 …

yes, the whole point of the topic

I did post a screenshot showing the exiftool values. Maybe it’s the wrong picture?


dear, when you output a linear DNG from DxO PL6 for X-T5 model using “Export as DNG (Denoise & Optical Corrections only)” there is a bug … there are a lot of ways to fix through various means, that does not make the fact - that DxO PL6 has a bug - to disappear - and that bug needs to be fixed… and DxO developers in general shall make an effort to follow what Adobe DNG spec says to the point

may be you need to try to understand the nature of the bug ?

Not many people call me dear. I’m flattered.
But what is the bug?.


indeed… but then please do not barge in to the matters that you have totally no clue about

look @ my avatar and move on

Again problems with your mammy?
Since exiftools shows other values as you posted you might clarify why that is.



No, because I use “Denoise & optic corr only” and with this setting, exposure compensation/curve and what else are not taken into account when PL6 or PR3 create the DNG.