Pure RAW 3 Feedback

But even the softest setting in PureRaw3 is much stronger than e.g. a -1 in PL6. If they don’t want to implement the Sliders from Photolab they at least should offer presets which deliver the adjustment span.

I agree. Yes they should.

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Hello everyone, I bought PR3 and I am enormously satisfied with it. I think that with the Nikon D750 Raws set with few corrections at the shooting stage (low NR - low Vignette - std+1 Picture control) the program manages to pull out fully workable files even at 6400 ISO. PureRaw3 set with DeepPrimeXD >1600ISO (<1600 DeepPrime) Lens Softness: SOFT.

In the preferences it is indicated not to use Apple Neural Engine since the RAWs undergo a color change, solve as soon as possible since processing the Raw is very fast !! Thank you!

Of course it depends from what you shoot, and everyone has different wishes and preferences. What we criticize here is, that PR3 does not offer the same span of control like PL6. “Even lens softness: Soft” is too sharp for some applications.

The fact that you obviously use “soft” as your standard setting shows, that the control is not balanced and needs something below (e.g- super soft, which represents “-2” in the detail setting of PL6

I partially agree. I have a D750 and I shoot with PictureControl Std+1, so I look for more sharpness already in the shoot (I prefer real details than invented by a software). Notoriously the D750 does not have the sharpest sensor in the world (low pass filter) but using first lenses or Nikon F2.8 zoom I can get sharp images, I understand that those who use a D850, Z7 Z9 sensor might find the correction exaggerated, but I think that if the photo is already super-sharp, the slow sharpness correction is to be disabled. The micro-Sharpen can be done in PP.

I’ll answer you again to get back on my steps. Obviously it always depends on the images, but in a generic case of already good sharpness it is better to disable sharpening on PR3 and adjust it later with LR or CO. In the case of low sharpness (ISO 6400 or higher) it makes sense to enable sharpness and use ‘soft’.

It definetely depends on the images. It is most visible in closeup pics of small animals (e.g. squirrels or small birds). As a result the fur or the plumage gets scrubby, as the single hairs or feathers are overemphasized and appear too thick.

So we need a quick preview Loupè even on PureRaw3, you can’t work blindly or do 3 tests each photo: it would mean taking 6 hours to pre-process 100 raw. An abominable waste of time.