Processing status not visible

Hello together,
I’m new in DxO Photolab 7.
Currently I’m testing the demo version.
What I have detected now is that the processing status will not be shown in the thumbnails.
It’s already activated in the settings as alway visible.
My system is a brand new MAC mini M2 with OS Sonoma.
Any tipps for me?
Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the User Forum, Oliver

Since you have Processing Status “always on”, you should be seeing the following indicators on bottom-right of each thumbnail;

What did you mean exactly? I have already set the visibility to “always on”…

Not sure what you mean by processed - if exported will show a tick. If you mean you want or know you have edited the photo but not exported it yet I just just add a colour label, in my case green by pressing curl+option+4 that way i know where I got to

While processing you should see a circular arrow within the thumbnail. On my Macbook Air M1, the arrow is static. On my Windows machine, the arrow spins in a circular motion until that photo is processed. In both cases a check mark appears within the thumbnail when processing is complete for that photo. You can check the status of the entire batch you are editing by clicking on the right-pointed-arrow button that is located to the left of the EXPORT button. This will show a moving graph that indicates how many photos have been processed and how many are yet to be processed at that moment. It also shows the progress of the individual photo (or group of photos) that is being processed at that moment.

Apparently you are not seeing these indicators, so perhaps someone else here can help you diagnose what the issue is. Just wanted to make sure I understood the problem.

For example, the “green tick” in the bottom RH corner of this thumbnail indicates that this image has been successfully processed and exported;

Were you expecting something else / more ?