Processing Fuji Raf. Files


I also wrote this. So they do have some experience with processing Fuji X-Trans files in Photolab. :smiley:

Tried the DNG. Of an “old” (6 years is quite old for digital cameras, no?) Sigma dp0 quattro from 2015. DNG is 2.5× bigger than the native X3F RAW which only Sigma’ own “PhotoPro” app can develop. So, if I’m wasting so much HD space, it should at least be feasible for other converters?

That was too easy to predict. :grin:
Capture One can read these files. So can Affinity Photo. So can GraphicConverter. Lyn. Pixelmator. Preview. Old and outdated PhotoLine as well. Some app has to fail, right? It is really hard to find an app which can’t open these DNGs (and all which could did show huge bandwidth of “interpretations”) and I’m happy I don’t have to deal with them on a daily basis.