Process by Nik collection: allow DNG support with options for corrections

This feature requires support both in Photolab and Nik collection.

Choice of dng options, for example:

  • linear dng with full Photolab processing
  • linear dng with only a subset: denoising, optical corrections, cropping/leveling and other geometric corrections
  • linear dng with denoising, optical corrections, repair and red eye removal only
    … and so on

Hello @pierre5018,

This request totally depends on NIK and if you wish I move it there. DNG is not supported by NIK and PL can do nothing to it - as soon as they provide this support we can provide such export.

Svetlana G.

This request is actually pending on Nik accepting DNG files. When this happens, Photolab should have the option to choose TIF or DNG for export, with the options listed above, I do not think that a discussion about Photolab’s integration with Nik belongs in the Nik forum.

The request to support DNG is currently being voted.

  • It will happen automatically as soon as NIK will implement it. So waiting for this feature to be implemented on NIK side first :slight_smile:

Svetlana G.

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Where do you see the benefit of using a DNG over a TIF in NIK? The DNG is effectively a TIF in a DNG container without the white point being baked in.

DXO-PL already has Viveza integrated and DXO-PL is a far better general editing platform than NIK. So at the moment I can’t see the benefit?

The advantage is that DNGs produced by PL appear to be more compact than TIFs, and DXO already supports output to DNG with just optical corrections and denoising (HQ, Prime, DeepPRIME). A workflow via DNGs is the preferred route if multiple images are derived from a raw file. The long process of demosaicking and denoising is performed once, with optical corrections saved to a DNG. From there, a user could continue editing in PL, or invoke external programs accepting DNG. For example Picture Window Pro 8, Microsoft Research ICE, Snapseed … and hopefully Nik collection.