Problem with Pentax KP RAW files

Pentax KP RAW files opened in DXO PhotoLab 3 looks much darker than in Pentax Digital Camera Utility! Do anyone have the same problem?



Peut-être le logiciel Pentax fait les réglages par défaut ? Si tu l’ouvrais en qqch come FastRawViewer tu pourrais voir l’originale sans réglages.

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Some cameras have modes to improve dynamic of images. To do so these modes apply an over or under exposure at shot and compensate it with a different tone curve of the standard mode. PhotoLab doesn’t apply a different tone curve to compensate it that’s why images can be under or overexposed.
On Pentax cameras we have “Sensitivity priority” or “bright mode” for example. I guess you shoot using such a mode. I could be more accurate if you can upload an original image.

Full support of these mode is in our backlog but not planned yet. So you can use auto exposure mode to correct that.


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The problem only happens with Pentax KP RAW files. No problem with Pentax K-01.

I submitted a support request anyway.

Thanks Marie.

I used Bright mode on both my K-01 and KP but problem occurs with KP raw files only.

The raw file work properly in Windows 10 Photos app, and Acdsee 2020. I just uploaded the file to DxO server for examination.

Hi Marie,

I finally understand what’s happening with the Pentax RAW files now. I have been using my Pentax K-01 for years but didn’t notice about this “problem”. :grin:


A fellow KP user! :wave:

I have been getting stunning results from my KP RAW (DNG) files since I bought PL3 late last year. It’s also done a fantastic job on my K-5 photos (the KP replaced this).

What did you discover about the RAW files?