PR2 converting Fuji RAW files to P3 color profile

I’m fairly new to photography, so my question may be a bit ignorant, but… I’m wondering why PR2 is converting my Fuji RAW files to a P3 color profile. Is this normal? Wouldn’t it be better to have no color profile attached to a RAW file? If there must be a color profile assigned to the RAW file, can I tell PR2 which color profile I’d like to have assigned to the processed file?

Additionally, my monitor is not calibrated for P3, so I’m worried this could create a conflict while editing?

PureRaw output colour space depends on the output file format as well as the colour profile that came with the image, which again, depends on what was set in camera, when the shot was taken.

  • DNG output has no colour profile and the Finder will show “Display P3” - as it generally does with all RAW files. RAW files have no standard profile, but camera model specific profiles that will be used to display RAW files properly in the Finder
  • JPG output will have the colour profile that was set in camera, when the shot was taken, normally either sRGB or AdobeRGB

If you’re viewing your images on an a recent Apple display, it’s fairly well matched to P3 and ColorSync will “translate” colours accordingly.

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Hi. All images are shot Adobe RGB in camera. Monitor is a BenQ SW270C, calibrated native panel, highest quality via Color Checker Display Pro calibrator. I do not have this “issue” with RAW files straight from camera, as they show no color profile. But the same Fuji RAW files processed via PR2, saved to DNG, show a P3 color profile.

Could be that when converted from RAF to DNG in PR2, the profile now shows P3? Again, may not be an issue to worry about, but it just caught me off guard. Still learning about such things. :slight_smile:

How do you see that your DNG files are P3? Can you add a screenshot? Or add a link to example input and output files?

I have similar question. Please see per attached screen shot. the DNG file color profile is Display P3.

Apple displays come with P3 profiles. If the selected file has no colour space, Apple just says it’s P3 - which seems okay, 'cause the display will show things in P3.