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Yes, that problem has been solved. Even in the weekend. You see, you can do it :grinning:
I now noticed a big difference in posts whether I’m logged in or not. What is causing that?


Well, I’ve just changed your status but not solved the entire problem. It still needs to be fixed as it’s a temporary solution.

Svetlana G.

Sorry; I’ve forgot on this thread…
Let’s see…

Looks like the problem has been solved.
No more moderator approval.

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Hello @gregor ,

There is no discriminations actually. It’s just because you are a new user (btw I explained it to you in the PM you sent to me).

About this one:

  • The moderation is done by people with a standard 8h working day, so it can happen that sometimes you should wait a bit.

Svetlana G.

I’m too a bit surprised as to how long it takes to have a question approved. I sent my question on Saturday evening and now it is Monday afternoon. So, for how long does it take?

The moderators don’t work weekends. They are entitled to weekends off just like everyone else. Please be patient.

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After reading the previous messages, I now realise that I owe the forum staff an apology for my query regarding my missing first message to the forum. I did not know that messages are checked by someone before being accepted for publication. When my apology has been approved I assume it will published. If not approved, please still accept it. I acted in ignorance and did not intend to inconvenience any staff member

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Wouldn’t it be enough to moderate the first comment of a new user and if it was okay to let it go without checking every single comment?

All you have to do is read a few threads(not sure how many) and will receive “Basic User” status and will no longer require moderator approval.

maybe you will get some informations here in your User - preferences- badges

have fun

No, because most spammers submit a harmless post as their first post and only set about their real mission with subsequent posts. Making a new user submit several posts before they get unmoderated access helps ~(but doesn’t eliminate) spam activities. This is standard practise on all forums that I frequent.

This is standard practise on all forums that I frequent.

Then you are unique. I never have seen this before…and I am using a lot of forums.

I wonder if the discobot certification tasks might help:

Your correct. That was the answer. :slight_smile: It’s been a while since I had asked the question and I did eventually stumble upon the answer. Thanks!!

How long does it take until my posts will show up?

I also wonder why my post, written as a reply to John,

now, after being a member since 2018, has to be checked by a moderator first.

Hi Svetlana,

in my case, although it feels like “discrimination”, I would like to know why my post has to be approved? Support does not answer either. Or maybe it is discrimination?

Kind regards

2 days now and now reaction from anyone!

Have you tried simply writing the reply again by clicking the blue Reply button under the last post in the thread?

You are obviously not blocked from posting, otherwise you wouldn’ be writing here.

Are your posts being blocked in other threads too? Maybe it was a temporary issue.

Hi Chakonari,

yes I did, same. And yes, not blocked at all. Still annoying because it interrupts the flow of conversation. And it takes a lot of effort, which is simply wasted.
I meanwhile put my answer here

as “reloaded” :wink: Thanks for answering.