Possible problem in DeepPrime XD support for Pentax K-3iii

Thanks, @Wolfgang , but that is not different from PL6.0 or PL5.
The problem is that many changes in other parameters are not visible anymore in the main window. And that the changes in NR aren’t visible in the small preview either.
Reported in e.g. Bug in PL6.1: WB and Color Rendering don’t work on exported DNG(NR and Optical corrections only) as well.

Thank you. The aforementioned bug apparently plagues only some types of raw files, as files from my Fuji XF10 are handled just fine. Hope that it will be solved for all cameras/file types at once.

Yep. With v6.1 Elite, no updating of previews anymore when I change WB and NR in my Pentax K-3 DNGs. Sorry, but that is a serious bug that turns editing into a blind flight mission.

Please, DxO, take note and fix this. Along with the K-3 III splotchiness reported above, it constitutes a major distractor from an otherwise great piece of software.


Svetlana sent the message about K3 Mk.III and DP-XD to the dedicated team. Hope they’ll find the solution soon.

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PhotoLab 6 worked perfectly with Raw (DNG) files from my Pentax K-iii when I installed it. However, serious problems have appeared in the last week with DNG and PEF files (probably after the upgrade to 6.1): impossible to change white balance, incorrect color of exports, etc. . I made a support request to DxO today.

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That is not surprising. There was a serious bug introduced a few days ago in PL 6.1 and PL 5.6 for Windows which makes editing DNG files useless. DxO is aware of the problem and have been working on a fix which should be available for distribution soon.


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Thank’s Mark. I am lucky: I did’nt upgrade PL 5 to PL 5.6!

The “preview problem” has been adressed in PL6.1.1.
Now waiting for the next solution, with DP-XD.


@DxO_Support-Team: is there any progress on the issue with DP-XD and the Pentax K3 Mk. III?

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There was a response to my support ticket. The problem will be investigated.


Very interesting, let us know if there is any further progress ! :smile:

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Hope bit faster than one I have outstanging for well over a year and have little hope of them ever actually doing anything (PL windows not reading distance information for alot of Sony e lenses)

I hope so too.
But do you mean focal length or focussing distance not been read? In case of the latter, I couldn’t care less :slight_smile:

Focal length, but it makes quite a difference with macro or zooms

I agree, focal length is a lot more important than focussing distance.

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Being dislexic I get things wrong witout noticing at times and have here, its distance not focal. But in macro that makes a very big impact as you move to macro and with my Sony 70-350 lts noticable as you change distance. The proble is its apparently working OK in the Mac version so why they stoped it getting the information in the Windows one I don’t understand.

Okay. Seven months on since the artefacts issue with DeepPrime XD applied to Pentax K-3 III files was reported on this forum and no appreciable progress whatsoever.

Well, good things come to those who wait, as the saying goes. However, will DxO care enough about its Pentax users to come up with something meaningful eventually?

Sometime within the next two or three years, I reckon, I will retire my trusty K-3 and upgrade to the new flagship body, and it is up to DxO if PL will remain a viable RAW processing solution on the further journey.

I have faithfully paid for every single OpticsPro and PhotoLab upgrade since 2015 and am beginning to wonder if the effort is really worth it. Will DxO continue to embrace and support brand diversity among its user base, including something as niche as Pentax, or will they be content to cater to the crowds buying the more popular stuff?

Please, DxO, figure out this thing, because I’ve never enjoyed editing and the results from it as much as with your products. I know that you can do it!


I asked about the current state of the support ticket, and I’m afraid that we still have to wait: “Thank you for your patience and understanding as our developers evaluate your issue. We are working hard to find a solution, but as this is a complicated issue, we do not know when it will be solved quite yet.”
To be continued…


This is something. We hope they are really looking into the issue. I think we can hope because DPXD is fresh and newly introduced, almost experimental, so to speak (although it works extremely well on most cameras). Therefore we can expect that the developers could spend some time to debug this issue as it could be instructive to understand the solution and maybe fine-tune the performance even for other camera bodies. If one asked to improve support for one particular camera for a mature solution like the Prime algorithm for example, the likelihood of it getting fixed would be much lower…


Good news: today I received a message from the support team. The development team has identified the issue and expects the solution to be part of an update scheduled for next month (June)