PLv7: Difficulty placing "colour/tone picker" for Control-Line Local Adjustment

I’m finding it quite tricky to accurately place the “colour/tone picker” for Control-Lines - because, even with BOTH mask-types switched OFF, a mask is displayed every time my mouse touches the picker-gizmo … making it difficult to clearly see the image beneath in order to position the picker accurately.

  • As shown here: image … See “blue” mask covering the sky (in this case).

Is this how it’s supposed to be ?!

Everywhere you look, PL7 has “picker problems.” Either they don’t exist, e.g., tone curve and LA-HSL, or they don’t work well, vide supra. DxO’s automatic vs. manual philosophy, I guess.


I’m finding that tricky too, amongst other difficulties with using the new LA provision. If it is how it is supposed to be, I hope DxO changes it to Off unless I tick On.

Also, a shortcut to toggle the B&W mask as M only acts on the coloured mask.

Hopefully, there’ll be a big overhaul of the LA user interaction but then again, they might have decided we should all just persevere with the current mess.

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Hi John, for me it is the same as with the PL6. But the better thing now is that the picker can no longer be hidden by the equaliser. Ok, with shift+E you could hide it for the search. But better now.

What is also better in PL7 is that you can now choose the opacity.

This can also help to improve visibility.

But what I don’t understand is how do I turn the mask off? Am I doing something wrong? Clicking on it doesn’t work.

And “Shit+M” also doesn’t work.

But at the same time, it affects the opacity of the adjustments, which you may not want.

Choose a translucent custom color when to select, *)
which does not solve that the subject is still ‘covered’, while the mouse touches the selection button.

*) please see correction

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Indeed, I have tried this but it can be hard to see the extent of the mask with translucent colours. In fact, I much prefer the B&W mask for fine tuning luma and chroma. If only it didn’t auto-activate. If only it had a keyboard shortcut (“M” only toggles the coloured mask).

@KameraD, @David_McA & all

sorry, have to correct something

  • "Choose a translucent custom color when to select, which does not solve … "
    is better suited for Manual Brush, Auto Mask, Graduated Filter, Eraser
    and depending on the subject also for Luminosity Mask / corrections with Brush & Eraser.
    ( Afterwards, a B&W Mask can be helpful to check that everything you want to select is included. )

  • The B&W mask is better suited for Control Lines (@KameraD’s screenshot !) and Control Points,
    but the colored mask is not really helpful here.

And in both cases it is disturbing, that the mask automatically covers the subject, while the mouse touches the selection button.


You are correct there Wolfgang and by trial and error, I find that I am using the colour mask for brush use etc. However, it remains that DxO have favoured the colour mask with a keyboard shortcut.

The mask automatically appearing on mouse contact is pretty annoying. I do wish that some evidence of masks and control points appeared if I click on a mask layer in the LA palette. Instead, having to click on any tool to see my prior work is absurd.


Well yes, I had noticed so …

  • When you tick the checkbox for the B&W mask with the mouse,
    you can toggle the B&W mask view on / off with < M >.

But it’s easy to get confused …

  • For checking and correction you may want
    switching between the color mask (B&W) and the unmasked picture
    to check the mask edges and the actual edit using < M > and < Shift + H > …
    Then your ‘muscle memory’ kicks in and you switch from < M > to < Shift + M >
    Instead, the Luminosity mask is accidentially activated …

The mask automatically appearing on mouse contact is pretty annoying.

And in PL6 we only had the circle / line to show the control point / the control line - quite sufficient.


So yes, I do hope we will see some more improvements.

Thank you Wolfgang

That’s very useful information and I shall try the combinations that you suggest. Unfortunate that there is no shortcut to tick the B&W checkbox though which I think is where I was finding frustration.

David McA

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