PLv7.6 regression ... HSL's "Hold Ctrl" feature no longer providing real-time feedback (Again !)

With PLv6, when using the HSL tool WITH the Ctrl-Key held-down, there was instant/real-time feedback when moving the “color range selectors” around the edge of the HSL tool (reflecting the corresponding colors selected within the image).

  • image … “Hold ‘Ctrl’ to show selected range”

Sadly, this important feature/capabilitywas lost with the release of PLv7 … and then, happily, it was fixed in PLv7.5.

Unfortunately, it has disappeared again with the release of PLv7.6 !!

Consequently, it is now necessary to release one’s hold on the mouse before the colour selection is reflected … Which is tedious and an unsatisfactory “hit & miss” approach to accurately and easily making color-range selections with the HSL tool.

The fix included with PLv7.5 proves that this problem can be remedied - and it should be a permanent fix for PhotoLab.

Seems to be a DPL on Win issue.

Testing with DPL versions 7.6 and 6.16 on macOS 14.4.1 revealed the I don’t have to press any key to see how colours shift when I turn the outer ring of the GA HSL tool.

DPL7 (left) and DPL6 (right)

Maybe you misunderstood. It is about the color selection with those points on the color ring,
not the outer one.

Yes, it is annoying that I have to release intermittingly either the Ctrl key
or the left mouse button on the ring to refresh / retrigger the calculation.

Testing this on a Mac, I get the following results.

Clicking on dot without Cmd key…

Then, pressing Cmd key…

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… and before I could slowly move / pull those points with the key + mouse button held down to see the selection “adapting” – which is the whole point of doing so

So, here is the image with the mouse clicked on a point and the Cmd key pressed…

Then, I continue to hold the Cmd key and move the point with the mouse to reduce the colour range…

I see the change happening whilst I am dragging the point. So, could this be a Win only problem?

Yes, that is the problem John-M mentioned.

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This problem seems to also be affecting some of my presets based on the Style-Toning dialog I use to tone my B&W photos.

These presets use the HSL to adjust the tonal value of the sepia in Style Toning. I do not have the Filmpack.

These worked properly with 7.5 but give incorrect results with 7.6. Example, my selenium preset results in a hot pink. My blue tone presets have also changed.

Just discovered that my tone presets do not work with all B&W presets - My own and DXO supplied. Neither does the Style-Toning sepia setting.

The sepia setting works with some but not others.

I don’t believe your finding is related to mine, Allan … But, it sounds serious enough to report to DxO Support … and I urge you to do so.