Please post photos of bugs processed with PhotoLab. Thank you :)

PhotoLab? We looked everywhere. What do you mean?



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Trouble with raynox 250 is DoF vs diffraction. I suspect f16 was out of question?

On a leaf focusstacking is also tricky because of movement of the leaf by wind or such.
But i would probably tried focusstacking anyway to get the hole dragonfly in focus. I have a handheld function in my g80. Works quite wel. Not full resolution. It’s 4k motionpictures and drawn out of that stills which are stacked internally.
Other option is manual stacking from burst of different focus points.

Example of a technical diffraction bug.
Crop, f/20, forgot to open it up (2011, D700 105 macro).


And a few weeks later…


What a wonderful shot!?

At the time for me yes. But f8 was not intentional(can only speculate as to what I did accidentally). Sweet spot with this combination is f11.

blah, blah, blah...

DCR-250 also means (depending on focus) that things are only in focus about 10-12 cm in front of the lens - the first few weeks I had it, I could not get anything focused as I was not aware of it. Gear-goal for this year is a dedicated macro lens.

I do focus stack but then either with tripod or at a minimum if I can support at least on arm on something. Camera has focus stacking built in or I use the mobile app which allows manual focus steps. Have tried bursts for individual shots but I get better results just pressing the button myself at the right time (imagine a drunken Mr Miyagi trying to catch a fly - but succeeding).

Most of my macros are hand-held in awkward positions. Also don’t want to post the stacked ones as I’m obviously not stacking in PhotoLab and didn’t want the functionality discussions to spill over here.

Bug about to be processed…


don’t have a macro lens but have cheap Meike extenders and a 14-140mm f3.5-5.6 panasonic lens which can do this:

but i often just go with the flow and have fun :

with M43 f11 is fine, f16 got near(dropoff point , hanging in the abbis) visual diffraction, f20 isch is desperate. :face_with_peeking_eye:

August 4, 2014. Classic topic. I don’t shoot bugs - they just come on my way.
Nikon D4 (16MP FF), 24-70/2.8G ED, f/7.1 @70mm, 1/320s (windy), ISO 3200,
25% crop, 100% resolution, export quality 70%.
The difficult part is to make the bug well-defined.
Wish I had my 105mm macro then…

Fix: The title should be “Damselflies heart”, as noted below.


This one of the coolest dragonfly damselflies photos I’ve seen.

EDIT: Damsels not dragons.

:rotating_light: pedant alert!

It’s a photo of a pair of damselflies, not dragonflies.


Thanks. Corrected my post. There is a significant difference between them.

Identifying things I take photographs of is something I still need to learn.

Thanks for the info. Bug identification problem :slight_smile:
There’s a better photo of damselflies mating at File:Calopteryx splendens qtl7.jpg - Wikipedia ,
made with APS-C and the 105mm macro lens, which I wished I had at that time.

No problem, there’s always a pedant around when you don’t want them :imp:

Some real bugs.


A flying bug, Green-veined white



What was the camera (sensor size) and f-numbers?
Getting this DOF with good sharpness wouldn’t be possible with FF (?).