Please post photos of bugs processed with PhotoLab. Thank you :)

EDIT: Title of thread changed. I’m not selling anything or harvesting images.

Couple of bugs processed with PhotoLab.


I’ve shown you mine… . If anyone feels like posting their photos of bugs (insects, spiders) processed in PhotoLab, please do. Thank you.

Maybe it could eat some of those … BUGS … (Not sure).


seem he already did :rofl:
nice details!

@anon78744791 If I was a cynic I would suggest that the title of this post is “bait and switch” intended to get lots of views because the word “bug” appeared in the title!

You missed a trick with the “Some Flowers” post if you had woven in Colour or Color into the title that might have generated more views, and the picture you used had a blemish on the petal, shame on you.

I am now waiting for “PL7 what’s on the horizon” with a picture of the sea or landscape with, you guessed it an horizon, or possibly “PL7.1 what’s wrong with the gradient”, picture of a hill or a perfectly flat picture!

Are you genuinely seeking pictures from Forum members or just trying to increase your view count?

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Just hoping others will post too. Thank you for the flower.

Not trying to make money or gain visitors anywhere. Idea started with the flower post to bring some colour back. It has become very dark in some threads here.

So yes - the title of this one is to get more forum members to look and hopefully post too or create new photo threads. I did only think of the title after choosing the first photo. The 2nd one I selected so I could write bugs instead of just bug in the title.

I find one title like that from me enough though. I can be cheesy, but there is a limit too. However you don’t need to wait: please do start a thread with some landscape horizons :slight_smile:

not cynic – with a misleading title like this it is clickbait

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Clickbait for what… to look at a forum thread from within the forum, where nothing is being sold?

Umm, I fear you’re missing the point. It’s Christmas, it’s a light hearted jokey title to a photo processed by PL and shared as invited to do so in the blurb for this section of the forum:

Welcome to the DxO PhotoLab forum! In this section, share your feedback, ideas, questions, and photos processed using DxO PhotoLab.

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Sigh, I didn’t mention the “invitation” to post or else … just the title.

true, the title seem to be another thread regarding what need to be fixed on PL7

Changed the title of the thread.
PhotoLab 7.1 Bugs
Please post photos of bugs processed with PhotoLab. Thank you :slight_smile:

And because the thread has had too many posts without a photo, here’s another one:

a6400 90mm Sony macro and flash hand held


Macro isn’t in my lens line-up so I can’t get as close as some of you guys but here’s a bug I spotted while out for a walk :


Since first time I came on this forum, I too would have like to see images done with PL, a little contribution to your topic.


I liked “Wlodek”'s lycaenid (“blue”) butterfly with two conopid flies (I think Sicus ferrugineus), so I have taken the same theme of lycaenid (white-letter hairstreak) with a fly; doing the splits! DxO’s ability to balance de-noising with retention of detail works well for butterfly scales.

And here is my shot of the same species of fly as the one posted by Wlodek.

DxO denoising really comes into its own at high ISO. OK - I know this is a goosander not a bug - but it was taken at ISO 12,800 to overcome poor lighting - a combination of the superb sensor quality of the Olympus OM-1 and the abilities of DxO make this type of photography possible.


hello bugs? i will honor a guy who’s past away during the end of the covid pandemy and link his still standing flicker account with marveles macro’s and he alway’s shared his knowleds how he did it with which application.
He always told me it’s not bugs it’s not insects it’s invertabrates. (with a smile ofcaorse)
His wife was the gardener and he was the assistant and took photo’s of flowers and invertabrates along the way. with stunning results.


of mine:

rather amaturian but heck i am! :rofl:



When I first saw this post I thought we were supposed to post bugs we have found in Photolab :rofl:

PhotoLab? We looked everywhere. What do you mean?