PL7.01 No option for saving watermark preset

PL 7.01 build 31 on macOS Sonoma 14.0

In the Fx section, Instant Watermarking, the Preset dropdown offers no option for saving a custom watermark using an image.

On Mac OS Ventura, at the bottom of the Watermark section there is a ‘save preset’ button. This saves the settings and adds the preset into dropdown. (There’s also an ‘update’ button to modify an existing preset.)

I imagine it’s not different for Sonoma.

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…Monterey has the respective buttons:

The preset is saved too :wink:

Thanks, Andy.

It’s not me being stupid, it’s my trifocals. :smiley:

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…they might be made from artificial material, but they’re (hopefully) free of AI.