Pl6 elite upgrade

Is it 99$ or 79$ ?
Anybody tried ?

That article in PCMag dates from November 2021. Last year the upgrade price was $79,99 indeed. This year, the price in € is €99.

If you have a PL4 or PL5 license, simply log in on the DxO website and navigate to the My Software section. Pre PL4 means full price I’m afraid.

Assuming that’s an old article?

As far as I’m aware upgrading from 3 to 6 would be full price.

Upgrading from 4 or 5 is £89/$99 though.

Edit: too slow!

As has been pointed out, that is an old review and no longer valid. The current cost of upgrading is $99 USD, but that is from version 4 or version 5 only. If by any chance you are still using version 3 or an even earlier version, there is no upgrade path and you would have to purchase the full retail version of PhotoLab 6 at $219 USD.


Silly me…
You’re all right.
Didn’t notice the date.(and the photolab 3 option)
So I will have to wait for Black Friday in order to upgrade my PL4.
Although if there’s no sale price discount on release date as usual, maybe there will be no B.F. sale.