PL5 unusable with 3rd party profiles since update

I haven’t been able to use PL5 since I recently accepted the update to v5.5.0 build 4770.

I’ve been using PL5 very happily with third party profiles for Olympus EM1ii, the DXO camera profiles being much too garish.

Following the update, if I touch the contrast sliders the exposure increases hugely (though all exposure sliders remain unchanged). This happens regardless of which direction I move the sliders or by how much. It happens also if I touch the Selective Tone sliders, or even if I click on the Selective Tone button with all sliders at zero.

All seems to work fine if I use the DXO built-in camera profiles. However, I can’t live with their colour rendering and have had to abandon DXO software for now.

I have submitted a support request to DXO, but am interested to know if I’m alone in having this problem. Have any of you experienced a similar problem following an update? Or can anyone confirm that they are continuing to use custom profiles with this build of PL5?


I just tried it on a Mac and no issues.

Thanks Sigi. That’s good to know. You remind me, I should have stated I’m using a Windows PC.

Are you using 10 or 11?

Windows 10.

I just uninstalled, downloaded and re-installed PL5. Sadly, it’s still broken.

I know you want a solution to the third-party profiles not working, but have you tried the DxO camera profiles with “Protect saturated colors” set to 80 or higher, to see if they look less garish that way? I used to think they were garish, too, but have become a lot happier with how they render my Olympus images.

Thanks Greg. Perhaps :slight_smile: I’ll give the built-in profiles another chance, and play around with both intensity sliders. I seem to remember particular problems with certain skin-tones, whereas with the presets my starting point was pretty close to OM’s standard rendering.

I happy to say, v6.1 has fixed this bug for me. I can use my 3rd party profiles again, and finally skin tones are back how I like them.

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