PL5 to Color Efex Round Trip


I am a new PL5 user (trial version) and long time NIK user (via Lightroom) and have a question about exporting images to Color Efex from PL 5 and then back to PL5 for additional editing.

How do I get the image that is modified in Color Efex back to PL5 for additional editing? I am able to save the image but the save images does not appear in the PL5 software. When using Efex from Lightroom I have an “apply” button in the bottom right corner of the Efex window that sends it back to LR for additional editing.

Thank you!




With PL5 (Elite edition) and Nik Collection 5, when I “send” an image to Color Efex it exports a TIF and invokes Color Efex. Within Color Efex there is an Apply button in the bottom right hand corner of the Color Efex. Selecting this sends me back to PL5 and the TIF version of the image is present in in the PL5 Filmstrip (with the Color Efex changes applied).

I don’t know whether the PL5 trial is for the Elite edition or not, but as additional the things present in the Elite edition aren’t related to Nik this shouldn’t make any difference. Which version of Nik are you using?

Sorry I can’t add anything more to the fact that it works for me as I (and you) expect.

By the way, I’m using PL5 & Nik on Windows 10.

Hi Tom and welcome. Are you using an high DPI screen? If so, you may have to reduce the scale of your screen in order to see that apply button mentioned by @SAFC01 .